The long wait is over: PRIMEWATER-MARWADIS partnership commenced, launched its first ever grand walk the line
Date posted: February 01, 2018
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The long-awaited joint venture of the Marilao Water District (MARWADIS) and PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp. (PrimeWater) finally commenced operations last January 6, 2018. As front-runners of robust economic development and growth, the partnership envisaged to provide quality and sustainable water supply and services, and to balance the future water supply and demand requirements, as well as septage management services, of the Municipality of Marilao. This, in turn, will contribute to the betterment of life of the people of Marilao.

With the inception of the partnership, PrimeWater already started helping the MARWADIS in solving issues and concerns pertaining to water supply and services to its concessionaires.

Five days immediately after such commencement, on January 11, 2018, the dedicated partnership launched its first ever Grand Walk the Line Activity (GWTL), an initiative to address and combat Non-Revenue Water (NRW) which is one of its major water supply concerns. The GWTL is an intensive street-by-street leak detection activity aimed at identifying visible leakages in the served areas of the partnership.

The activity started at 9:00 PM and ended the next day, at 2:00 AM. Eighteen (18) employees of PrimeWater and the MARWADIS walked the streets of twelve (12) barangays: Abangan Sur, Poblacion I, Poblacion II, Ibayo, Nagbalon, Saog, Lias (including Meralco Village), Lambakin (Northville 4, Northville 4B), Prenza I, Prenza II, Sta. Rosa I, and Sta. Rosa II. A total of eighty five (85) leaks were reported, which were then immediately subjected to appropriate actions.

NRW is the loss of water primarily due to leakages. It also causes the “no water situations” in some parts of the service areas. The aforementioned eighty-five (85) leakages amounts to a huge volume of water which was supposed to be used by the concessionaires. The GWTL became a significant tool for the dedicated partnership to identify the areas where there are leaking pipes and lines.

This activity will aid in the recovery of water loss due to leakages, and will result in an increased supply of water and higher pressure to the partnership’s service areas.

 Such enterprise marks a great start for the endeavor of PrimeWater and the MARWADIS. With this, and the future projects in line, the partnership stands resolute that it will be successful in achieving its goal of providing quality and sustainable water supply and services to its consumers and concessionaires, all for the betterment of life of Marileños