Marilao, Bulacan | 5 Point Agenda
5 Point Agenda
Social Governance

   Health Service


Ensure lesser cost of hospitalization, diagnostic and related procedures

  • Extended Philhealth Coverage Program
  • Construction and operation of birthing station at TabingIlog
  • Rehabilitation of RHU Main
  • Establishment and Operation of Diagnostic Center
  • Accreditation of Animal Bite Center  and RHU 2 by Philhealth
Control the prevalence and prevent complications of CVD, MDR-TB
Disease Screening and Management Project
  • Screening
  • Distribution of free medicines
Decrease child-mortality rate due to preventable causes by __%
  • EPL
  • CAR I
  • CDD
Decrease incidence of animal bites by __%
  • Anti-rabies  dog vaccination
  • Anti rabies post exposure vaccination
  • Anti-rabies info campaign
  • Animal Disease Control and Prevention Services


Sustain current nutrition status
  • Supplemental Feeding
  • Feeding Program
  • Dry Ration
  • Continuing Nutrition Training and  Education

   Support To Education Services

Help achieve participation rate within the national target

  • Scholarship Program
  • Distribution of school supplies
Help achieve completion rate within the national target

  • Scholarship Program 
  • E-Learning Project

Help achieve completion  rate within the national  target
  • Scholarship Program
  • E-Learning Project
To increase completion rate to 50%
  • Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program
  • Monitoring and Follow-up Program
  • Curriculum Review and Revision
  • SPES 
Help achieve simple literacy  rate within the national  target
  • Support to DepEd

   Support To Housing And Basic Utilities
Provide access to decent burial
Establishment, construction and operation of  Himlayan ng Marilenyo(HM)

Improve road  condition  and access
  • Inventory of municipal and barangay roads 
  • Concreting/ rehabilitation of  unpaved roads
  • Construction of by-pass road

Improve maintenance  of public buildings and facilities by 50%
  • Regular inspection 
  • Regular maintenance program
  • Periodic repair

To improve water accessibility
Forging Agreement with bulk water provider

   Public Order and Safety


To improve traffic condition

  • Implementation  of comprehensive traffic management plan
  • Anti-Barker Campaign

To prevent incidence of drug trade and use

  • BagongBayanihan Reformation  Program
  • Strict implementation of  law

To increase crime solution efficiency

  • Assistance to PNP
    • Donation of service vehicle
  • MPOC Functionality
    • Regular Meeting
    • Planning
  • Support to BPSO
  • Outpost
  • Upgrading of CCTV and communication system

To prevent incidence of fire

  • Awareness Campaign
  • Intensified fire inspection
  • Strict implementation of fire code

To ensure maintenance of peace order and safety

  • Barangay Tanod
  • Barangay Mediation

   Disaster Risk Management
To ensure the reduction and management of disasters
  • Formulation of Comprehensive DRRM Plan
  • Flood Control Program:
    • Upgrading of roads/ drainage system
    • Construction of riprap
    • Installation of flood warning signages
  • Identification of evacuation centers
  • Post Disaster Program
    • Stress debriefing/ Psychological intervention
    • Distribution of relief goods

   Civil Registration
Ensure 100% registration of births at birthing stations
  • Monitoring Activities with MHO
  • Awareness Campaign
    • Flyers/brochures
  • Seminars for Mothers
Reduce number of unregistered births
Project: Free Late Registration

Ensure availability of updated data for use by  other departments
Development of database system

Increase  acceptance rate of  RH
Awareness Campaign
    • Seminars
    • Info materials
Decrease incidence of teen age/unwanted pregnancies
Awareness Campaign
    • Seminars
    • Info materials

   Culture and Arts
Promote values and pride for local culture and heritage
Talento at Sining: AtingPagyamanin Project
    • MuseoMarilenyo
    • Local Fiesta & Festival
    • Tour for Locals

Economic Governance

   Entrepreneurship, Business and Industry Promotion
To generate local employment 
  • Business/Industry Promotions
Review and Update Investment Code

To decrease unemployment rate from 8-10% to  6% in three years
  • Conduct business forums & conferences 
  • Year round Business One Stop Shop (BOSS)
  • Adopt Online Application and Credit Card Payment Options
    • Job Fair/  Local recruitment activities 

   State of per Capital Income
To contribute in the increase of  per capita income based on national index
  • Skills Development Project “LinangKasanayan” (Community Based)
  • Skills Development Projects (school based MFS Training Center)
  • Sa Kita at Negosyo, KaagapayangTurismo Tour of local businesses/ 
  • PangkabuhayankoSagotng Tito Ko Project

   Cooperative Sevices
Strengthen Cooperative Sector
  • Cooperative Development Services
  • Cooperative Capability 
  • Building & Professionalization Program
  • Cooperative Development Services
  • Management Technical Development Assistance
  • Cooperative Promotions and Linkages
  • Institutionalization of Cooperative Program 

   Agricultural Services
To provide support to agricultural sector
  • Repair and Rehabilitation of Prenza Dam
  • Cleaning of Irrigation canals 
  • Strict implementation and Identification of Strategic Agri-cultural Development Zones And Compliance to existing laws

   Food Security
To increase crop yield
  • Support to Fisheries
  • Monitoring of Dressing plants and Slaughter Houses 
  • Continuous farmers training on new agricultural practices  
To Protect Agricultural domain
Urban Gardening 

Administrative Governance / Valuing Fundamentals

   Revenue Generation
Increase income by 10% yearly
  • Intensive Campaign on RPT collection
    • JIT for RPT
    • Tax Mapping
  • Strict implementation of Revenue Code
  • Updating of Revenue Code
  • Formulation of Market Code

   Local Legislation
To have an efficient management and tracking system for Ordinances and other SB documents
Installation of Legislative Management and Tracking System

   LGU Organization and Management
To improve and ensure quality management system in the LGU
  • LGU Properties and Supplies Audit
  • Assessment of LGU management system for ISO certification

   Customer Service â Civil Application
To continuously improve in providing quality customer service
  • Permanent BOSS and Customer Lounge
  • Adoption of Philippine Business Registry System
  • Installation of Automated Queuing System
  • Client Feedback and Services Audit
  • Marilenyo Access Card
  • Completion of Building for various National Offices

   Development Planning
To have an efficient and needs-based Planning and Program Formulation system
  • Updating of CLUP and CDP
  • Creation of Planning Team
  • Institutionalization of RCBMS
  • GIS Mapping 

   Human Resource Management and Development
To ensure the continuous development and promote welfare of the employees
Personnel Development Plan
Personnel Development Program
Personnel Welfare Program
Personnel Information and Records Management

To ensure transparency in all government transactions
  • Implementation of Full Disclosure Policy
  • Mobilization of Project Monitoring Team

Environmental Governance

   Urban Ecosystem
To cover with trees at least 25% of urban areas
Tree Planting Activities
To minimize solid wastes being disposed by households
  • Creation of an Environment and Natural Resources Office
  • Information Dissemination on Waste Segregation
  • Solid Waste Management Implementation in Barangays
  • Daily Street Sweeping
To ensure clean air
Joint Inspection Team

   State of Freshwater Ecosystem
To ensure clean air
Joint Inspection Team
To ensure clean water
River Clean-up Drive