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During the Spaniard's years they were making investigations regarding the native places of the country. When they have arrived on the portion of this village they saw a woman doing a course in her house, they ask her about the village's name but, in the reason that the Spaniards speaks in their language the woman misunderstood it and presume that men are asking her what she was doing, so she answered "nagpi-prinsa". From that time forth the village was called as "frenza" as the Spaniard's understandings from the villagers they we're asked. Later on, the village become the home of a water dam built in 17th century for the Dominican priests and has become the biggest water reservoir in this part of Bulacan.

For a better recognition of Spaniards to the place where the Water dam ("presa" in spanish) is located they combined the name of the village and the Spanish name for Water dam and make it "Prenza" from "presa" and "Frinsa". But, due to the large area of the village the Spaniards can't find easily the Dam so for a much better locating procedures they divided the Prenza Village into two, by the main road that divides the village they named the left portions as Prenza I and the right portions as Prenza II following the Spanish way of counting from left to right.

Barangay Profile
Punong Barangay : Bayani P. Clemente
Kagawad, Sangguniang Barangay : Apple Emeterio Marcelo
Jimmy Nicolas Dela Cruz
Nestor Nieto San Miguel
Crisanto Dela Cruz Dela Cruz
Pedrito Agapito Gumafelix
Eduardo Corpuz Halasan
Sheena Vergara Policarpio
Chairman, SK : Jessah Divine Clemente San Miguel
Member, SK : Charlene Mesina Dela Cruz
Danica Batenga Reyes
Heidi Ann Contreras Canta
John Mhel Cuevas Policarpio
John Eison San Miguel Villar
Ma. Mirasol Esparas Amores
Francisco Pigao Rosales Jr.
Barangay Treasurer : -
Barangay Secretary : -
Contact No. : 248-31-51
Email Address :
Barangay Address : Arcega St., Prenza 1, Marilao, Bulacan