Marilao, Bulacan | Official Seal
Official Seal
A Circular white shield with an escudo at the center. Inside the escudo outlined by interconnected pieces of bamboo and at the upper portion are blue rectangle overlapped by a yellow plant in abundance since time immemorial called Halamang Dilaw from it was derived the name Marilao and a red rectangle overlapped by the image of the head of a carabao and at the lower portion is the illustration of the Prenza Dam, a historical landmark in the municipality.

The elements enumerated above are encircled at the outer edge of the white shield by five-pointed golden-yellow stars, with one point of each star pointing outward on the imaginary radiating center lines, the number of star conforming to the number of barangays of the municipality of Marilao at any given time.

The Seal of the municipality of Marilao shall Consists of the Coat-of-Arms of the municipality of Marilao and a while circle around the Coat-of-Arms, enclosed by two (2) green marginal rings. The white circle shall contain the words Bayan ng Marilao, Lalawigan ng Bulacan and 1796, the foundation year of Marilao in between the two green circular dots at the lower arc of the white circle.

The (2) green marginal rings and the two (2) green circular dots represent the official color of the province of Bulacan.

Except as used by the municipal government of marilao or as may otherwise be provided by ordinance or by Mayor`s issuance, the manufacture, reproduction, sale purchase for sale, use. Display, or possession in commercial quantity of the Coat-of-Arms and Seal of the municipality of Marilao or any likeness or substantial part thereof, shall be permitted only for the following uses:

a. Use in encyclopaedias, dictionary, books, journals, pamphlets, periodicals, or magazines incident to a description or history of Coat-of-Arms, Seal, flag, heraldry or the municipality of Marilao;
b. Use in libraries, museums, or educational facilities incident to descriptions or exhibits relating to coat-of-arms, seals, heraldry, or the municipal government of Marilao;
c. Use as an architectural embellishment in libraries, museums, monuments or archives established to house the papers or effects of former or incumbent local officials of the municipality of Marilao;
d. Use by way of photographic or electronic visual reproduction in pictures, moving, pictures, telecasts, or otherwise of bona fide news content;
e. Such other uses for exceptional historical, educational, or newsworthy purposes as may be authorized by the Office of the Mayor.

Furthermore, the use of stationery, business cards, identification cards, or any other items containing the Coat-of-Arms and Seal of the municipality of Marilao or any likeness or substantial part thereof, by persons other than the authorized persons of the municipal government of Marilao is strictly prohibited.

source: Municipal Ordinance No. 551

Any violation of the provisions of this ordinance shall suffer the penalty of a fine of Two Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P2,500.00), or an imprisonment for a period of six (6) months or both at the discretion of the court.

source: Municipal Ordinance No. 569